Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ground rules

So, here are my ground rules for my no-games-in-2011:

1. No new purchases - obviously. This includes XBLA, PSN, Xbox Live new games. The truth is, I have a large backlog of downloadable games (Pixeljunk Shooter, Eden, Braid, Splosion Man, Dead Rising Case Zero, etc., is just a sample). Yea, it's that bad.
2. DLC of existing games is fine - I think this is a good way of extending the life of games.
3. Gifts - gifts are fine. I can't turn a gift down.
4. Rentals - No rentals, until I'm done with my backlog somehow.
5. One exception - I am forced to make one exception. That's Rock Band 3. See, I already ordered the Fender Squier, and I have no intention of giving that up. I haven't bought RB3 because I want a lower price.

I realize this is all navel-gazing, but I want it to be absolutely clear I am serious here, but realistic. I don't want to deprive myself, but the truth, I have so many cool games I don't think I will. The Fender is a must.

Monday, January 10, 2011

new posts

I am going to re-start this blog up with a new direction. Well, I guess any direction is new since I've done jack shit with this over the years.

Right now, I have a monster number of games on my "backlog": a backlog is common gamer parlance for those games which one owns but has not played to satisfaction. This is not a good thing - indeed, I think this is a terrible thing, for many reasons. So I've decided to draw the line.

I'm not buying any games in 2011. I am going to spend the entire year playing that which I own. Despite the fact that a great many awesome games are coming out this year - games I want to play very much. But I'll get into that over time!